Picture Organizer

  1. How do I import pictures from my computer into Visual PackRat Plus?
  2. How do I look up my pictures after I imported them?
  3. How do I use the slide show?

How do I import (associate) pictures from my computer?

First you must have digital images/pictures stored on your computer.  The images can be taken from a digital camera or scanned in from your scanner.  Once the images are saved on your computer you can now enter them into Visual PackRat Plus.  Go to the associate by folder page.  In this page double click in the "picture location" box.  This will bring up a directory of all your files.  Go to the the file or folder that has your image or images and click on it.  Now all your images from that folder or one image from that file will be displayed.  From here you must associate your picture/pictures with a category and sub-category.  Enter the category name and sub-category name in which you wish these images to be located in.  Notice you don't need to have a sub-category name.  When this is completed, click on each picture that you wish to store in this category and sub-category name.  When you click on the picture, it is associating that picture with that category and sub-category.  You can also type in notes for each picture.  To do this type in the notes in the notes box and click the picture you want to associate the notes to.  No need to save the information for it is saved when you click on the picture/pictures.  Note:  When you insert a picture, you are actually not inserting it but associating it to the picture file it is located in.  Lets say I have a picture of Bob in my photo organizer.  Bob's picture is located in a folder called People.  If I remove Bob from the folder People and put him in a different folder called Friends, now PackRat will not be able to bring up Bob's picture.  You must recall up the new folder that Bob's picture is in, which in this case would be Friends.

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How do I look at my pictures after I imported (associated) them?

To look at your pictures, you must go to the lookup page in the picture organizer.  From this page, use the drill down arrow and click on the category you wish to see pictures of.  Next you can click on the sub-category box to find pictures located in that sub-category.  The sub-category isn't necessary although it will specify your search. For example:  You have a collection of pictures from your recent vacation to Disney World.  You have pictures taken from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. You associate pictures from the Magic Kingdom and Epcot to a main category called Disney World.  When you click on Disney World as your main category, all of the pictures from Epcot and the Magic Kingdom will be shown.  To further define your search you must use the sub-category.  To look at pictures only from the Magic Kingdom you could give a sub-category title called Magic Kingdom.  Now if you have Disney World as your main category, and Magic Kingdom as a sub-category, only the pictures of the Magic Kingdom will be shown.  You could also give a sub-category for Epcot's pictures.  Now you can see all of your pictures from Disney World, or just pictures from the Magic Kingdom or Epcot.

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How do I use the slide show?

There are three different places in the picture organizer to view the slide show.  These places are the look up page (most common), visual search page, and the associate by folder page.  If you use the visual search page, type in a keyword and Visual PackRat Plus will search that keyword in the main category, sub-category, and in the note field.  If you use the associate by folder page, double click the picture file location box and retrieve your pictures from the file that has your pictures. From the look up page, get pictures by using your main and sub-categories.  To use the slide show click on slideshow.  Your pictures will now come up in a slide show format.  You can adjust how many seconds it takes to view the next picture.  To do this simply click on the small box (usually has 3 in it) in the slide show page.  To view your images more slowly give it a higher number such as 6.  To view your images faster give it a low number such as 2.  The number represents how many seconds it will display the image.  Warning: If you type in 1, it is some what difficult to change it because it erases your number every second.  So type fast.  To stop the slide show, click on a different heading such as entry details.

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